Welcome to 2.0

Hey Gamemakers!
 2.0! Yay!
Here's what we got in here:

  • Rewritten Shader - Shader has been completely re-written.  Is much more lenient on matching colors (but I still recommend accuracy)
  • HTML5 Now Supported - You can now use this asset with the HTML5 module for GMS2.  Using this on HTML5 is a bit more challenging than on desktop or mobile.  You need to do a few steps.
    • When you initialize the system, you need to pass the init script your two HTML5 shaders: one for sprites and one for surfaces.
    • You need to go into the sprite shader and set your texture page size that you use for your project.
    • You need to go into the surface texture and set your size to the size your dynamic palettes are being built at.  By default, it's set to 64x64, which means when you want to create a custom palette using shaders, instead of making the surface the exact size you need, you need to create the surface at 64x64.  Again, this number can be changed, if desired.  
    • You may notice an error right when you run your game about some for loop or whatever.  That can be safely ignored, and when you release your final HTML5 build, just remove the default shd_pal_swapper and the error will no longer appear.  Hopefully GMS2 will give us target based resource configurations in the future.
    • There are a few missing features  (gradual palette changes, layer swapping), but these seem to be related to a bug in GMS2, so it might all start working magically after a future update.  Fingers crossed.
  • Rebuilt Layer Swapping - Layer swapping was introduced in the last release, but after encountering some issues with HTML5, I refactored it.  Made it lighter weight and more in line with the suggested use of layer scripts.  A few more scripts need to be called to get it to work properly, so be sure to check out the updated example project.

As always, let me know what you think, if you find any issues, or have any questions.  
Now go make something awesome!

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