Easy to use, highly compatible text renderer for GameMaker Studio 2.3 (or later).

If you are curious about Scripture but want to know more, check out the in-progress documentation.  Feel free to leave comments or ask questions in the forums below or on the document itself.

Read the Documentation Here!


  • High Compatibility!
    • Windows
    • Opera GX
    • Android
    • HTML5
    • Raspberry Pi (admittedly not great performance)
    • Probably others.  Just haven't tested yet.
  • Change Color, Font, Scale, Kerning, and more in the middle of strings!
  • Add static or animated sprites to your text!
  • Play sounds for each letter or at specific points as your text types out!
  • Add shake, wobble, color cycling, to individual words or your entire paragraph!
  • Type Writer effects, text wrapping, force page completion, automatic pagination and more!
  • Single Script import!
  • Build styles directly into your string with inline style tags, or build globally reusable styles for use throughout your project!
  • Unlock your text with per-character drawing functions that can be combined, stacked, and queued to create jaw dropping effects!
  • Run functions at any point while your text types out!
  • Exclamation points!!!

Install and Get Started Quickly!

  1. Install Scripture in your project
  2. Build your text box
  3. Build your string
  4. Draw!

If I'm honest it's a LITTLE more complicated than that, but not much!  Check out the above videos and the linked documentation for more info on what it takes to get started customizing your game's text!

Assets used in Demo:
Female Character: https://sutemo.itch.io/female-character
Male Character: https://sutemo.itch.io/male-character-sprite-for-visual-novel
Button Icons: https://1up-indie2.itch.io/pixel-art-input-icons
Coin Sprite: https://www.gameartguppy.com/shop/ultimate-rotating-coin-pack/

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AuthorPixelated Pope
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