GMS1 Script Pack Now Available

Alright, here is the requested port of TrueState to GMS1.  I didn't port the entire demo project, but I got all the necessary scripts ported over.  Really all I had to do was fix the script help comments, remover ternary operators, and change a few macros to globalvar (not ideal).

So, here's what's changed and what you need to know to continue to follow the quick start guide:
1. First off, truestate_cleanup() had to be changed to truestate_destroy() as the cleanup event doesn't exist in GMS1.4.  Please note that when an instance is removed at room end the destroy event is not automatically called!  So make sure you are calling the destroy event appropriately.

2. In system init there are 3 global vars: ts_step, ts_draw, ts_queue.  I recommend adding these as macros to your project instead of using globalvars.  

3. Uhhhh... I haven't really tested this... like, haven't even compiled it or anything to make sure I don't have any stupid errors in the script.  PLEASE tell me if you find any issues.


TrueState Manual-1.0.pdf 342 kB
Oct 31, 2018
GMS1Scripts.gml 6 kB
Nov 05, 2018

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